Pet Scam Advisory

Please be cautious of internet scams requesting that you wire money. WorldCare Pet Transport will NEVER ask you to send funds through Western Union or Moneygram.

If you receive this type of false notification, even if the information appears to be relevant to your pet's move, you are being sent false notices by cyber criminals who are NOT associated with our company. These are people falsely using our company name and logo.

The e-mail may appear to be coming from our company, but you are being contacted by cyber criminals. You cannot get your money back once it is wired.

WorldCare Pet Transport is NOT in the business of selling pets. We are not affiliated with any companies that sell pets. We urge you to do your research, and go to a reputable breeder or local pet adoption facility to find a pet.

Do report the cyber crime to all authorities. Listed below are some helpful websites: