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Moving Fancy Rats

posted by bill
Moving Fancy Rats

Lillie and Lola prove that safe pet travel is not just for dogs and cats

Meet Lillie and Lola, fancy rats that have migrated to South America on an intra-company transfer with their family.

Lillie and Lola are more commonly known as “Fancy Rats” or domesticated brown rats, classified as an “exotic pet.” Fancy rats are social, curious and intelligent pets that require very little attention and a whole lot of love and cuddles.

When moving these kinds of pets, it’s important to be familiar  with the proper certificates, permits and endorsements that will be required, especially for an international trip. Exotic pets often require a special government import permit, export permit with appropriate government endorsements, a bilingual health certificate, and the green light from the proper government ministry/authorities.

Lillie and Lola had an almost perfect trip to Brazil, if it wasn’t for the strike in Guarulhos Airport. Customs clearance took longer than expected but they finally made it to their new home – happy, healthy and very hungry. Here’s what their pet parent, D.L., told us, “Thank you for all of your great support throughout the move and hope to be able to work with you again when we head back to the States.”

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