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How A Dog’s Breed And A Change In Climate Can Create A More Challenging Move

posted by SandyM
How A Dog’s Breed And A Change In Climate Can Create A More Challenging Move

A BULLDOG’S JOURNEY FROM SEATTLE TO SINGAPORE Whenever pets move from one climate to another, there’s always a concern about how they will acclimate to the change in temperature, but when it’s an English bulldog, matters get even more complex. We recently relocated Oliver, a splendid English bulldog, from the cooler climate of Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, to the much warmer setting of Singapore.
Oliver’s breed made this move an especially complicated one, because bulldogs are more susceptible to heat stroke and stress, as are other pets that are snub-nosed. Because of this type of respiratory distress that brachycephalic breeds can experience, airlines impose restrictions on English bulldogs, which resulted in more challenges when it came to our routing options. Relocating from such a colder home to the heat of Singapore also meant that the dog was not yet conditioned for the warmer temperatures. Our highly experienced pet relocation counselors took extra precautions to help Oliver travel safely. Here’s what they did:

· Booking a very early morning flight from Seattle to San Francisco, and
then late night flights on Swiss Air so they temperatures would be cooler
· Booking a Swiss Air Flight from San Francisco to Singapore via Zurich
(because they do not presently have a restriction on this breed)

· We acclimated Oliver months in advance to the travel crate
· We shipped Oliver in a travel crate two sizes bigger than normal to provide better air flow

· We provided several icy cloth rub downs prior to check-in to keep Oliver cool
· We provided larger food and water cups with lots of ice and a top off of water
· We kept Oliver in air conditioning as much as possible
Oliver arrived at his new home to his family’s excited embrace, and soon afterwards, we heard these remarks confirming that he was in terrific shape after his long trip:

“Great job team . . . It takes a village to travel an English bulldog half way around the world and we appreciate all that you have done to make this a safe and healthy journey for Oliver!!”

We can now report that Oliver is enjoying his days in the sun in Singapore!

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