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Australia To Introduce New Quarantine Superstation This fall

posted by SandyM
Australia To Introduce New Quarantine Superstation This fall

Beginning on October 16, 2015 all pets arriving in Australia from the United States and other countries will be required to enter the government-operated Post Entry Quarantine(PEQ) facility in Melbourne as a final step in the importation process.
This superstation will quarantine pets entering the country in one biosecure facility. Pets will need to enter Australia through the Melbourne Airport and will be quarantined for a minimum of 10 days. Quarantine in Australia helps reduce the country’s risk of unwanted pests and diseases. Each year pets arrive in Australia from approximately 100 countries throughout the world.
The new quarantine superstation includes horse, cat, dog and bee compounds (Australia imports queen bees to increase genetic diversity and disease resistance) as well as 2,000 square meters of greenhouse space. Currently under construction are dog kennels with outdoor spaces and areas with underfloor heating. The construction is occurring in two stages with the first phase to be completed this fall.
If you are planning your pet’s relocation to Australia, please contact us as soon as possible due to the lengthy process involved in organizing a move to Australia, including securing space in the PEQ facility.
Take a look at the construction!

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