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Does WorldCare Pet Transport Sell Puppies?

posted by SandyM
Does WorldCare Pet Transport Sell Puppies?

The answer is an emphatic “NO!” There are many cyber criminals today who are using the names of reputable pet transport companies to perpetrate puppy scams, and we think it’s important to let everyone know what’s happening. These cyber criminals fraudulently assume the identity of the company by using their name, logos, fake email addresses, and falsely claim that these legitimate transport companies are selling puppies and promise delivery to the victims. The criminals then ask for money (generally a few hundred $) to be wired via Western Union — often to Africa — bamboozling innocent individuals looking to purchase puppies. The puppies don’t exist and the criminals just take the money with nothing in return. That’s when we get the call from the disappointed victim, asking us where their puppy is. This is a scam that is affecting many innocent individuals as well as innocent pet transport companies who have no relationship to these international thieves. WorldCare does not sell puppies or kittens or animals of any kind. If you are ever approached by one of these scam artists, we suggest you immediately report the cyber crime to the FBI. If you are looking to expand your pet family, there are many loving animals to rescue in shelters or a local breeder can certainly help you.

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