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February has its share of animal-related days, from Love Your Pet Day on Feb. 20 to World Whale Day on Feb. 13. But throughout February, Responsible Pet Owners Month reminds us not only of our tremendous affection for furry family members but also our obligations to our pets.
The American Kennel Club’s Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise encourages owners to make a pledge to always treat their canines well. Their Pet Promise highlights ways to keep dogs healthy, starting with their essential first pledge, “I will never overlook my responsibilities for this living being and recognize that my dog’s welfare is totally dependent on me.”
During this month, pet parents are urged to reflect on whether they’re up-to-date on annual vet check-ups and vaccinations, current ID tags and microchips, and pet-proofing exercises to make sure harmful houseplants or dangerous objects are removed from a pet’s environment, with a fresh look towards bio-friendly products.
For those planning a trip that involves their pet, IPATA (The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) offers valuable guidelines for pets on the move:
Be sure to acclimate your pet to its travel carrier prior to a flight.
Don’t give pets solid foods in the 6 hours prior to the flight. Do remember to provide a moderate amount of water and a wonderful walk!
Do not sedate your pet for his or her trip.
Be sure to put your name, address and phone number on the travel kennel. As for car travel, WorldCare Pet suggests that you consider a pet harness that clicks into your seat buckle so your pooch can safely enjoy being a back-seat passenger in the family ride!

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