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As Temperatures Rise, So do Summer Restrictions on Pet Travel

posted by SandyM
As Temperatures Rise, So do Summer Restrictions on Pet Travel

In the warmest months, airlines impose more restrictions on pet travel to protect against potentially dangerous conditions. Escalating temperatures create conditions that can cause dehydration and heat stroke, if the proper precautions haven’t been observed during pet travel.

Brachychephalic breeds (snub-nosed or short-nosed cats and dogs) are particularly susceptible to pulmonary distress in extreme temperatures. Their compact nasal passages make even normal breathing more difficult.

A number of airlines began imposing embargoes on pets as of May 15, whenever a pet travels to locations where the temperature currently is, or is forecast to be, above 85° F. That acceptable temperature for travel drops to 75° F for snub-nosed breeds. These embargoes are in place to ensure safe travel at all times and includes pets in airport holding areas, terminal facilities, moving between terminals and aircraft, and on aircraft awaiting departure. While some embargoes may last throughout the year (such as with bulldogs), these embargoes typically conclude around September 15 when temperatures cool.

WorldCare Pet Transport is staffed with highly knowledgeable counselors who understand and have managed pet travel during the summer embargoes. We will work carefully to route your pet by ground or by air, when conditions are safe to transport your pet. Our experience spans fifteen years, and tens of thousands of pets. Should you have a snub-nosed pet that you would like to relocate this summer, please direct your inquiry to and advise us about the breed of your pet and your preferred travel period.

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