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Beat the Heat- 5 ways to help your pooch stay cool

posted by Victoria
Beat the Heat- 5 ways to help your pooch stay cool

Summer is coming and so are those higher temperatures. As much as our canine kids enjoy the sun and fun that comes along with this dog-loving season, we must be aware of the dangers of rising temperatures. Dogs can get easily overheated because the only ways they release any heat is through sweat glands in their paws or by panting. We have been exploring different ways to help your pet beat the heat and have compiled a list of 5 ways to keep your pooch hydrated and cool!

1. Unlimited access to water
Always make sure that your dog has fresh, clean, cold water available to them. Keeping the water clean and cold will ensure that your dog drinks more often and stays hydrated.

2. If your feet are hot, so are theirs
Avoid walking on hot surfaces if you can. If the ground is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, chances are it’s too hot for them too. Try walking on grass or in the shade when possible to avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures. If your dog will allow, you can always try out fashionable booties to protect their paws.

3. Let them take a splash
Dogs cool down by panting and sweating from their paws. When your dog stands in cool water this can help lower its body temperature. Letting your dog stand or play in a pool is a great way to keep them cool and hydrated. Don’t have a pool? That’s ok! Dip your pet’s paws in a sink or tub as an alternative. You can also wet their chest to help lower their body temperature. A sprinkler is always another fun dog-friendly option!

4. Adjust your walking time
If you usually go for mid-day or afternoon walks, we suggest you put a pause on those until the fall. Making a simple adjustment to your dog’s daily walk routine will help keep them from being outside during the day’s hottest hours. We suggest early mornings or after dinner when the sun is at its weakest temperatures; that way your dog will still get the exercise they need.

5. Provide shade and comfort
If your canine likes to spend his days playing outside be sure to provide an area where they can seek shade and be able to relax. Whether it is under an awning, a big tree, or a doghouse, providing proper shelter for them out of direct sunlight will help keep them cool. If your dog tends to lay in the sun even when it is sizzling hot you can always purchase a cooling vest or cooling pad to make sure they are comfortable and cool while soaking up those rays.
Always be aware of the signs of a dehydrating dog! Make sure your pup gets plenty of shade and water during the summer season. If you think your dog is overheating it is best to contact their vet for further instruction.

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