Our Home-to-Arrival Airport Program encompasses all the exceptional features of our comprehensive Door-to-Door service with the added convenience of you reuniting with your pet at the arrival airport following customs clearance.

Here is what the program offers:

  • Expert Consultation: Your journey begins with a dedicated Senior Pet Relocation Counselor who will tailor a relocation plan to suit your pet's needs.
  • Pre-departure Health Checks: We coordinate all veterinary services, including vaccinations, health exams, and microchip verification, to ensure your pet's well-being.
  • Document Preparation: Leave the paperwork to us. Your Counselor will handle all export and import documents, including necessary government endorsements.
  • Airline Approved Travel Carrier: Your pet's comfort and safety come first. We provide a perfectly sized travel carrier equipped with ventilation, cozy bedding, and secure fastenings.
  • Travel Arrangements and Flight Booking: Sit back and relax as we take care of all travel logistics, selecting the most pet-friendly airline and ensuring optimal routes for your pet's safety and comfort.
  • Quarantine and Boarding: If required, we'll manage all necessary arrangements, including quarantine periods and comfortable boarding accommodations.
  • Move Day/Arrival Airport: Our professional WorldCare driver will collect your pet from your chosen location, ensuring a warm and caring start to their journey.
  • Real-time Updates: Stay connected with round-the-clock updates on your pet's status via our dedicated WhatsApp group.
  • Arrival at Destination: We handle customs clearance and ensure all entry requirements are fulfilled, so your pet arrives safely and stress-free.
  • Joyful Reunion: You will experience a joyful reunion at the arrival airport.
  • Post-delivery Care: Your Pet Relocation Counselor will check in to ensure your pet is settling into their new home, with optional grooming services available for that extra pampering.
  • Our Pet Protection Plan: Rest assured, your pet is covered under our Pet Protection Plan for added peace of mind.

At WorldCare, we pour our hearts into ensuring not just a safe journey, but one filled with love, compassion, commitment, and performance.