Our Promise

WorldCare Pet reigns Supreme as the Global Leader in the pet relocation industry, handpicked by the Fortune 500 for exceptional customer service over 23 years.

We provide a full suite of worldwide pet relocation services tailored to meet all your pet’s needs, including our full door-to-door service, specialized concierge ground transportation, in-cabin pet nanny service, and more.

You will discover how devoted we are to your pet’s move, ensuring no detail is overlooked, no standard compromised and your pet’s health and happiness always guiding our efforts.

Pet Protection Plan 

Introducing our complimentary WorldCare Pet Protection Plan, crafted to provide you with peace of mind throughout your pet's journey.

This unique plan includes a selection of exclusive benefits at no extra charge:

  • Veterinary Fees Coverage: Receive up to USD $1,000* for emergency medical treatment if your pet requires attention while in transit. (Excludes pre-existing health conditions exacerbated by travel or medication your pet(s) may be on, which you must inform us about before your pet's travel date. It also excludes illnesses occurring during boarding or quarantine).
  • Replacement Value Assurance: Up to USD $2,000* provided in the case of the pet’s death due to an accident, illness, or injury sustained during transit only. This coverage also extends to replacement value in cases of theft or loss of your pet during transit only.

While the necessity for the WorldCare Pet Protection Plan is extremely unlikely, we firmly believe it assures our valued and loyal customers that their beloved pets will receive the utmost care and attention. 

*Please note that the following are not included in this policy: 

  • Brachycephalic breeds 
  • Small-sized mammals (e.g., Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Gerbils, Mice, Rats)
  • Pets currently under medication or diagnosed with pre-existing medical issues
  • Dogs or Cats that are older than 10 years.