Measuring Your Pet For The Correct Size Travel Carrier

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Like people, pets prefer to fly first class. Selecting an airline-approved pet carrier for your pet's upcoming trip is an important first step toward ensuring their comfort. The size of their carrier must be such that it will allow your pet to stand in a natural position, turn around, and lie down with ease. There must be at least 3 to 4 inches of extra headroom from the top of your pet's head to the top of the inside of the carrier, and that same distance from the nose of your pet to the front gate of the carrier once your pet's rump is at the back of the carrier. 

By following the chart below and providing us with your pet's accurate measurements (A, B, and C) we can help you select the appropriate size travel carrier for your pet's trip. This will ensure your pet meets airline requirements for the correct-sized travel carrier and overall pet comfort during travel.


(A) Length: Length of pet from tip of nose to root of tail

(B) Height: Height from ground to tallest point (head or tip pointed ears)

(C) Length of front legs

  • *IMPORTANT — If you are considering using your own pet travel carrier — even if your pet has traveled in this carrier in the past — please be aware that government, industry, and airline regulations are constantly changing, making some carriers non-compliant for travel.

    Your Pet Relocation Counselor will review your travel carrier and confirm if it is airline-approved


  • To confirm whether your carrier's size is correct for your pet:

  • Image

    Provide WorldCare with your carrier's exterior dimensions (length x width x height)

  • Image

    Your pet's measurements - A (Length), B (Height), and C (Length of Front Paws)

  • Image

    A photo of your pet inside and standing next to the carrier 

  • Image

    Travel Carrier - Compliance with IATA Regulations

    To ensure your pet's safety, comfort, and well-being during travel, it's important to select the right size pet travel carrier. Explore our guidelines here to ensure compliance with all IATA regulations

    Travel Carrier - Accessories

    To adhere to regulations, please refrain from including stuffed animals, toys, bones, large bags, or suitcases with your pet. Click here to view the items that must be included with your carrier. 

    Acclimating My Pet to the Travel Carrier

    To ensure your pet travels comfortably and stress-free, consider familiarizing them with their carrier in advance. Explore our tips on how to acclimate your pet to their travel carrier here