While air travel is generally a very safe option, we understand it may not be the perfect choice for every pet or their loving owner.

Certain breeds face restrictions on flights, particularly during the warmer seasons when conditions might not be ideal. That’s why we’ve crafted our Global Ground Transport Service, offering a door-to-door service across the continental United States, Canada, and most international locations.

Every three hours, your furry companion will have a comfort stop during the journey to stretch their legs and enjoy a refreshing bowl of fresh water. Moreover, we will capture precious moments along the way, sending you pictures and videos so you can witness their journey firsthand.

Your pet will have the privilege of a personal driver who will accompany them every step of the way. We carefully select pet-friendly hotels for their comfort and well-being during overnight stays. Our drivers are not just professionals; they are compassionate people dedicated to treating your pet as if they were their very own.