Need to Know

WorldCare Pet reigns Supreme as the Global Leader in the pet relocation industry, handpicked by the Fortune 500 for exceptional customer service over 23 years.

We provide a full suite of worldwide pet relocation services tailored to meet all your pet’s needs, including our full door-to-door service, specialized concierge ground transportation, in-cabin pet nanny service, and more.

You will discover how devoted we are to your pet’s move, ensuring no detail is overlooked, no standard compromised and your pet’s health and happiness always guiding our efforts.

Your WorldCare Pet Travel Guide…everything you need to  know before you go! 

Welcome to our comprehensive WorldCare Pet Travel Guide. This guide offers  everything you need to know to prepare your pet(s) for their journey.  

It covers essential topics such as: 

  • What size travel carrier does my pet need?
  • How to acclimate my pet to the travel carrier
  • Where will my pet be during the flight?
  • Should I sedate my pet?
  • Managing pet medication during travel
  • Airline policies and temperature restrictions
  • Pro tips for before and after the flight

Start preparing for your pet's journey now!

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