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What To Know If Your Pet Is On Medication?

posted by SandyM
What To Know If Your Pet Is On Medication?

Please speak with your veterinarian about any potential risks if your pet requires medication during airline travel.
When possible, we can arrange to attach your pet’s medication to the travel kennel and ask the airline personnel to administer the medication during an adequate layover. Please understand that this responsibility ultimately lies with the airlines and local customs officials, and it is up to the discretion of the airlines whether they will comply with this request while the pet is in transit.
Some medications (such as those with sedative-like qualities) can have dangerous side-effects for pets who will experience different altitudes while flying. For this reason, any pets that show signs of being sedated can be refused by an airline. The best course of action is to speak to your veterinarian thoroughly about your pet’s medication prior to travel. In some cases, a vet may confirm that the medication can be suspended during travel.
Please tell your pet relocation counselor if your pet takes medication at the beginning of the planning process so all the necessary details are in place for the safety of your pet.
If your pet takes medication regularly, and particularly if it’s prescribed, you should be in contact with a vet in the country you will be moving to prior to your pet’s arrival to confirm if your pet’s drug is available there. Even the most common forms of some medications may not be available in other countries. With advance planning, you can arrange for the same or an equivalent drug to be prescribed by working with your current vet and a WCPTNews5-14FAQsDogvet at your new destination. This process can take some time. Try to tackle this before your pet travels so your pet won’t miss any vital doses of medication or be sure to have adequate medication when your pet arrives.

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