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What’s Happening Now in Pet Transport?

posted by SandyM
What’s Happening Now in Pet Transport?

Since we manage the moves of so many pets, we can readily observe the shifts and trends, and what practices remain steady. Here’s what’s trending!
CONTINUING FLIGHT EMBARGOES Airlines continue to impose heat embargoes on snub-nosed pets due to their potential for respiratory distress in high heat conditions. However, we have solutions that might assist you if you are seeking to move a brachycephalic breed of cat or dog. Here’s one report from a customer in just that situation: “Absolutely fantastic experience with WCP! Our (pet relocation counselor) was communicative and responsive, and you could tell she loves animals (a great trait for this business!). They are not inexpensive, but our two dogs are like children to us and to get them safely to London (from Las Vegas), the price was more than worth it. One of our dogs is snub-nosed, so we were a bit worried about having him in the air (especially from the desert) but they provided a flight option that is specifically for snub-nosed animals, and that made us feel 100% better about the travel. I would use WCP again in an instant!” (L.T. on the travel of Peas and Mike)

MORE COMPLEX MOVES We’re growing more accustomed to the increasing number of highly complex moves involving destinations that require considerable long-range planning and a complicated documentation process.

We’ve been relocating pets to many different countries including Pakistan, Egypt, China, Dubai, Russia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Thailand, South Korea, Poland, Switzerland, Brazil, Bahrain, Singapore and many other nations. Pre-planning for some of these locations, due to document and health requirements, as well as issues of quarantine, can extend to six months in advance. However, if you have a move happening within the continental United States, we can often assist you in a far shorter time frame, weeks instead of months, depending on the pet’s needs and routing available.

ROADS ON THE RISE We’re seeing an enhanced interest in the use of ground transportation, particularly in North America. We have teams of drivers equipped to move pets via ground transport and can arrange this service both for short distance and long distance travel.

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