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Two beautiful snub-nosed dogs needed to be transported from summer in South America – their lovely home in Rio de Janeiro – to their new environment in Greensboro, North Carolina. Due to the respiratory distress that snub-nosed animals can experience during air travel, many airlines refuse these breeds when warm temperatures exist during
any leg of their flight itinerary.

WorldCare worked to get these furry family members to North Carolina, managing the complications of this travel to ensure their safety, analyzing different routing scenarios that could be considered given the warm conditions and the many airline embargoes on snub-nosed pets.

One of the dogs, Ronja, a 14-year old boxer, traveled on United, and Eddie, a 9-month Brazilian bulldog, was transported via Air Canada with a stop in Toronto. Only twelve such bulldogs are registered in the country of Brazil.

With this very complex move, WorldCare was in constant touch with the pet parents and our partners to make this relocation as stress-free as possible, and most importantly, a safe journey. How fantastic it was to know these two had made the trip so successfully and were acclimating so incredibly well to their new climate!
“Both dogs are now with us in Greensboro and in very good shape. No signs of tiredness or stress, frankly this cold air seems to suit them much better than the Rio summer heat. I wanted to express my gratitude for your passion, commitment and professionalism in moving our pets from one continent to another. Excellent work overall.

If you ever need referral or recommendation, I will gladly provide my support.” J.S.

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