Awards and Affiliations

WorldCare Pet reigns Supreme as the Global Leader in the pet relocation industry, handpicked by the Fortune 500 for exceptional customer service over 23 years.

We provide a full suite of worldwide pet relocation services tailored to meet all your pet’s needs, including our full door-to-door service, specialized concierge ground transportation, in-cabin pet nanny service, and more.

You will discover how devoted we are to your pet’s move, ensuring no detail is overlooked, no standard compromised and your pet’s health and happiness always guiding our efforts.

From departure to final destination, WorldCare Pet Transport sets the gold standard in compassionate pet relocation. 


  • Operational Excellence: Your pet's relocation will be handled with care and precision at every step. A dedicated Senior Pet Relocation Counselor will oversee every aspect of your pet's move, offering comprehensive guidance and support from start to finish. Our experienced global team specializes in logistical planning, document preparation, flight schedules, customs clearance, ground transportation, quarantine bookings, boarding arrangements, and all other necessary details for a seamless door-to-door relocation experience.
  • Fair Pricing: We offer our services at fair prices with options in our programs, so that you can select the best fit for your family.
  • Peace of Mind: Once your pets begin their journey, you will be instantly added to our 24/7 WhatsApp group to receive real-time updates, available in all time zones.

  • Moral Responsibility to You and Your Pet: We hold a deep ethical responsibility to care for your pets with their well-being foremost in our planning. At WorldCare, nothing is more important to us than the safety of your pet. We will treat you with candor, respect, kindness, and dependability throughout your journey with us.