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Moving Your Pet into Singapore

posted by Victoria
Moving Your Pet into Singapore

Requirements for Moving Your Pet into Singapore

This blog post lists the general requirements for bringing a pet into Singapore. Requirements may vary according to your country of origin. Therefore, always check with your Pet Relocation Counselor what your pet’s specific requirements and needs are. Every move and every pet is unique!

Your Pet Relocation Counselor can assist you with the rabies titre and vaccination timelines, vaccination certificates, and quarantine booking. Please speak to your Pet Relocation Counselor as early as possible to secure bookings for quarantine.

Health Requirements:

1. Microchip Implant

All pets traveling into Singapore are required to have an ISO 15-digit microchip. This microchip must be inserted before the rabies titre test.

2. Rabies Vaccination

Your pet’s rabies vaccination must be at least 4 months old at the time of export. (This applies to the primary rabies vaccine. If your pet has had rabies booster vaccinations and there has been no lapse in your pet’s rabies vaccinations, then your pet does not need to wait 4 months to enter Singapore.)
The rabies vaccine must be an AVS-approved inactive or recombinant vaccine.

3. FAVN-OIE Rabies Titre Level Blood Test

For a primary rabies vaccination (your pet’s first-ever vaccination against rabies), the blood draw must be done 30 days before the date of vaccination. If there has been no lapse in your pet’s rabies vaccine, then the blood draw can be done right away.

    The rabies titre blood test must be conducted by a Government Accredited Veterinarian and sent to a Government Approved Laboratory.

4. Second Rabies Vaccination

A second rabies vaccination is required on the same day at the Rabies Titre Test. While second rabies vaccination can be issued on the same day, the vaccination must be done after the blood draw for the rabies titre test .

    The vaccination must be at least 30 days old and unexpired at the time of export to Singapore.

5. General Vaccinations

General vaccinations needed for import into Singapore include…
Cats: Cat Flu (Feline Calcivirus, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, and Chlamydophila felis) Cat Enteritis (Feline Panleukopenia and Feline Parvovirus.)
Dogs: Canine Parvovirus, Hepatitis, and Distemper

Document Requirements:

1. Singapore Veterinary Health Certificate & Required Treatments

Within 2 – 7 days of travel, your Government Approved Vet must:

    1. Scan your pet’s microchip to ensure it’s functioning.
    2. Administer a tick and tapeworm treatment
    3. Your vet must send the Singapore Veterinary Health Certificate to the Department of Agriculture for endorsement.

Quarantine Booking

Singapore requires 10 days of mandatory quarantine for pets arriving from a rabies endemic country. Quarantine space is limited and booking 4 months in advance is advisable.

Singapore Dog Licensing

Please be aware, all dogs imported into Singapore are required to register with the AVS and secure a dog license. Dog licensing is the law in Singapore!

    Note: Countries which are exempt from mandatory quarantine in Singapore include Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Guam, and Hawaii.

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