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Serving 110 Million Animal Passengers at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge

posted by Victoria
Serving 110 Million Animal Passengers at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge

Widely recognized as the most advanced and attentive animal station at any international airport, the Frankfurt Animal Lounge run by Lufthansa Group is a modern marvel.

THE LOUNGE caters to the needs of the 110 million animal passengers that will pass through this station annually (far more than the approximate 58 million human passengers traveling through the airport!). These furry, feathered and finned guests are served by a coterie of 25 veterinarians and 25 animal keepers and cargo handlers. The design of the Animal Lounge echoes the feeling of a passenger terminal, with a spacious 4,000 square meter location.

EACH DETAIL of the design was developed with the intention of delivering exceptional care while animals are transiting through the Frankfurt Airport. In an average year, the Lounge welcomes about 14,000 dogs and cats (the “main customers”), 2,000 horses and 80 million ornamental fish, among other species including animals such as hippos and rhinos that are destined for zoos throughout the world. There are 42 large animal stalls, 39 small animal pens and 18 chambers with individual climate control. This extraordinary animal handling facility features special rest areas for cats, aviaries for birds, and even a black-light section for light- sensitive ornamental fish to avoid any shock reaction.

WorldCare Pet will designate the Animal Lounge as a stop when it is prudent for a pet’s travels, as the Animal Lounge expertly combines animal coordination with veterinary services. We are pleased to be recognized as one of the world’s premier pet relocation companies, frequently using the services of the Animal Lounge.

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