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Planning Your Pet’s Summer Move Starts Now!

posted by SandyM
Planning Your Pet’s Summer Move Starts Now!

Many families naturally choose to move during the summer months, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. When you’re relocating a pet, it’s vital to plan well ahead of your
pet’s move date. The steps that you take now will help make the move a far less anxious
experience for you and your pet.
Our knowledgeable WorldCare counselors are mapping out the move timelines right now for pets that are jetting this summer. Some locations impose long wait times if pets are coming from countries that are not considered rabies-free or rabies-controlled. Here are some locations where pre-planning is essential due to the complicated health and document
requirements. It’s always helpful to check in with your pet relocation counselor as the period of planning depends on your pet’s country of origin and its destination, as well as the type of pet.
F AUSTRALIA If your pet comes from a Category 3 country, preparations begin minimally 6 months in advance. Initial steps include a microchip, rabies vaccination and then a blood test for the rabies titer level. After the blood test, a pet will wait 180 days before it is eligible to enter Australia with 10 days of mandatory quarantine.
F JAPAN Expect an approximate 6-month timeline for pets moving to Japan from a rabies-controlled country such as the United States. Basic requirements begin with microchip (must be implanted before any vaccinations or blood testing). This is followed by a rabies shot. At least 31 days later and within the validity period of the first rabies shot, a second rabies shot is given. A blood test for the rabies titer level is then taken and there is a 180-day wait before the pet is eligible to enter Japan.
F SINGAPORE Our counselors map out a 4-5 month planning cycle for pets moving to Singapore if they are departing, for example, from the United States. A microchip is needed and a primary rabies vaccination must be given. Once 30 days lapse from the primary rabies vaccination, a blood test is done for the rabies titer level, and then a second rabies vaccination is required. There are certain dates one must meet for these vaccinations. Moving a pet to Singapore also involves a minimum of 10 days quarantine, plus a residency requirement.

Other locations with complex planning needs or potentially long wait times include but are not limited to:
F U.A.E.

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