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posted by SandyM

“Reece runs the finest world wide pet transport business that I have come across. For the past 16 years I have had a pet transport service in NY. On numerous occasions, I have worked for his company, as well as several others. I have found that Mr. McDonnell’s business = WorldCare Pet Transport – is by far, simply the best company out there. He, as well as his staff, have been caring and efficient. Many companies can talk the talk but Mr. McDonnell’s company is absolutely the real deal. I gain nothing by making these comments. I just want people to opt for the most thorough and pet loving company and this is it. Prior to working in the pet transporting industry- I was a NYPD Police Sergeant for my first career. After retiring I wanted to work with animals and so here I am. I would hope this makes me a fairly good judge of character. Don’t be fooled by other companies, they do not match up the WorldCare Pet Transport.”
February 9, 2016, Alice, President of AA’s Portable Paws reported to Reece at WorldCare Pet Transport, LLC

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