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Requirements For Transporting Dogs From America To Singapore

posted by Victoria
Requirements For Transporting Dogs From America To Singapore

WorldCare Pet Transport recently transported two gorgeous golden retrievers, Sandy and Shaggy, to Singapore from the United States, a complicated process that took more than four months to orchestrate.

The dogs were required to have a microchip, an unexpired rabies vaccine at least 4 months prior to export, and a rabies titre test at least 30 days after the primary vaccine. The dogs also needed a second rabies vaccine that was greater than a month old but less than a year old upon arrival in Singapore. Entry to Singapore also required an import permit, health certificates within 7 days of travel, an internal and external parasite treatment, along with government endorsement of the documents. The timeline had to be perfectly coordinated and we worked closely with the customer and her veterinarian. As it was a wintertime departure from the cold temperatures of the Northeast, a snowstorm was expected on the day that the dogs were to be collected. Our counselor arranged for an earlier pick-up and boarded the pets so that they would not miss their flight. Upon arrival in Singapore, Sandy and Shaggy experienced a mandatory quarantine that lasted 10 days. When planning your pet’s to move to Singapore, the best advice is to get an early start on the process by contacting us as soon as you know about your pet’s move. We’ll help you navigate the complexities to make sure your pet is safely in Singapore with you. WorldCare was so happy to deliver Sandy and Shaggy to their loving family, and we made sure they were well-groomed for the grand reunion! We were so grateful that these pet parents took a moment to write to us:

“We have moved all over the world with our pets and NEVER have we had this type of excellent service! We seriously could not have asked for anything more—our pet relocation counselor was not only extremely knowledgeable, but reliable, professional and extremely passionate about her work-my two golden retrievers were delivered to us in fantastic shape and I will truly never move my animals with anyone else again! I cannot recommend them any more highly!” A.S.

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